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Prime Mobile is for the healthcare provider on the go who needs to access history, problem lists, progress notes, and appointment schedules for their patient populations. This is possible through remote, two-way integration of all patient data housed in Greenway’s Prime Suite electronic health record.

With Prime Mobile, providers in all specialties and subspecialties can care for their patients – and communicate with peers – from any remote location.

Prime Mobile v4.25 adds features that continue to help you manage patient data whenever and wherever you need. These new features of v4.25 include:

User experience enhancements
• Customize your Home page and Facesheet with new tab options.
• Support for additional widget columns
See and sign unsigned documents in the new, dedicated tab on the home page.*
Create a Miscellaneous note from a Task*
Enter multiple races and ethnicities.*
Add severity and reactions information to allergies.*
Quickly see when patients fill their prescriptions via Rx Fill Status* (only available for select pharmacies)
Vitals improvements
• New vitals fields account for orthostatic vitals, flow rate, and FiO2 stats.*
• Use Prime Suite’s Default Units of Measure

*Requires Prime Suite v18.00

Prime Mobile v4.25 Requirements: Please note the features above that require Prime Suite v18.0, but all other Prime Mobile features v2 and higher are supported with v17.10.06 or later.

  • Rx and eRx
  • Charges with ICD-10 support
  • View and sign unsigned documents
  • Customizable homepage and facesheet
  • Add and edit patient demographics
Product ID: 9WZDNCRDT6L8
Release date: 2014-11-05
Last update: 2019-01-31