Pulpit Pielęgniarski
Pulpit Pielęgniarski
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Pulpit Pielęgniarski
Pulpit Pielęgniarski
Pulpit Pielęgniarski


Pulpit Pielęgniarski is a modern tool presenting the occupancy of the entire hospital ward in the form of an information board.
Immediate access to the presentation of the patients of the entire ward divided into categories allows for instantaneous orientation in the situation prevailing throughout the ward.

The most important advantages are:
• alert mechanism with presentation of their number,
• functionality of grouping patients according to the attending physician,
• the ability to assign patients to the leading nurse, grouping and graphical representations of these groups,
• integration with a mobile application available for patients for Android phones in the field of two-way communication by sending predefined messages,
• convenient access to basic data from the patient’s card regarding the admission mode, care category, diagnosis, and sensitization.

For the convenience of nursing staff the following category filters are available:
• patients who are divided into rooms,
• waiting for the reception,
• waiting for an extract and the current state of occupancy of rooms and beds,
• feverish patients,
• patients for whom fasting is required,
• having new orders, diagnostic / laboratory tests.
It expands the functionality of KS-MEDIS in the field of displaying information on the condition of patients in a hospital ward for nursing staff.
In the demo version the application allows you to familiarize yourself with the user interface presenting the state of the department filled with patient demonstration data.

Product ID: 9PD67HTLJMDW
Release date: 2018-10-08
Last update: 2023-02-03