QtAdb Free
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QtAdb is a toolbox for Android devices. You can run adb commands by just clicking a button.
You can run any adb command by calling up the terminal with adb entertainment.
The UI text is Chinese, English is not supported yet, plz wait for update.

  • Get device's info (wm size, dpi, Android version, Android ID, etc.)
  • Activate Apps (IceBox, Brevent, Shizuku, Dhizuku, etc)
  • Connect WSA to install apps or use other functions on QtAdb.
  • Control your device to shutdown, back, volum down, reboot, etc.
  • Learn Chinese here :)
  • Use Android PackageManager with GUI.
  • Flash your device with adb sideload.
  • Other adb commands.
Product ID: 9MV7LCC9Z0GR
Release date: 2023-07-04
Last update: 2023-07-04