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Quiz Creation by Publisher User
Running the quiz by publisher user and student user
Enrollment of new student user by publisher user
Creating quiz question or media clip by publisher user
Enrolling new student by publisher through sending activation code by email
Authorizing the enrolled quiz of a student by publisher user


The main purpose of Quiz Creator app is for conducting a test / quiz by teacher convenient to each student location and time through online.

Quiz creator is a store app which targets for teacher and student user.

There are two types of users in Quiz Creator. Teacher and Student user.

Teacher will be creating quiz /test for his/her student.

Student will be running the test/quiz online at his/her convenient time.

Registration of teacher can be done easily by downloading the QuizCreator and registering using the app.

Registration of student can be done only when the activation of registration by teacher is finished.
Each student will be directly linked with his/her own teacher.

Registration and activation of student will be done by:-
(i) downloading the QuizCreator.
(ii) When registering, the student has to enter the activation code received through email from the teacher.
(iii) The activation code will be valid only for 3 days.

For running the quiz/test by the student:-
(i) The student has to enroll into published quiz by his/her teacher.
(ii) The enrolled quiz/test has to be authorized by his/her teacher.
(iii) The quiz/test has to be run within the specified date or the enrolled quiz/test will be inactivated.

Release date: 2018-12-28
Last update: 2022-03-13