Qwantum Private Messaging
Qwantum Private Messaging
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Qwantum Private Messaging


Qwantum Private Messaging is an app that delivers “Privacy as a Service” to its Club Members. Unlike other apps that offer encrypted messages, Qwantum Private Messages are secured with encryption keys constructed on the principles of Qwantum Authentication, that are generated on-the-fly, unknown to anyone, even the Club Member, and never stored in our database. This app is not compatible with Windows 10 S Mode.

  • Qwantum Card
  • Qwantum Card Reader
  • Create Private Message (Email)
  • Download Private Message
  • Create Key/Value and Custom Form
  • View Private Message/View Private Message from File/View Private Message with Guest Token
  • Include Private Attachments
  • Create/Revoke/Email/Text Member Token
  • Create/Revoke/Email/Text Guest Token
  • Generate File Signature
Product ID: 9NC0WF5XTTGB
Release date: 2021-09-27
Last update: 2022-03-12