Radiation Explorer for Safecast Data
Radiation Explorer for Safecast Data
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After reading cleaned CSV file
After loading measurements CSV file
Zoomed in to Japan
Selected data points in Fukushima area and display only latest measurements. Radiation levels are declining!
Fukushima area with IDW interpolation
Fukushima area measurements since nov 2015 with IDW interpolation


  • Receive LOG data from a bGeigie Nano (see: https://blog.safecast.org/bgeigie-nano/) , view them on a map, crop them, and save them and upload them
  • Load CSV file from the Safecast website (https://api.safecast.org/system/mclean.tar.gz) to view, interpolate and explore worldwide radiation data on a map and in a timeseries. This works only on x64 systems with at least 8 GB RAM.
  • View Nuclear Sites from Open Street Map Overpass API.
  • Safecast radiation nuclear bGeigie geiger counter atomic bomb nuclear explosions nuclear waste nuclear power nuclear energy Fukushima Chernobyl
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Release date: 2018-04-08
Last update: 2022-03-13