Range Trip
Range Trip
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viewing a gun's page.  reliability info, stats, events, and more
choosing the guns for a new trip
scoring a target
scoring an IDPA round
all off the trips
stats view
zoom out on trips.  each view has a zoomed out view
pictures view
events view


Range Trip is an app for tracking trips to the shooting range. Add your guns, then start a trip, and start tracking. Its easy to track round counts, scores, and any failures you might encounter.

Once you’ve started a trip, the tracking page has giant buttons for the most common functions, with other pages that show more details.

You can attach pictures to trips, scores and guns to keep track of your adventures.

On each gun, you can track events, such as date of manufacture, purchase / sale info, cleaning, and maintenance.

Reliability and usage stats are automatically calculated and shown in the stats view, by gun, by caliberS

  • gun stats
  • trip stats
  • target scores and pictures
  • USPSA scores
  • IDPA scores
Product ID: 9WZDNCRFJ79B
Release date: 2011-05-06
Last update: 2021-04-15