Real Revs 2014
Real Revs 2014
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Experience the powerful revs of the world’s greatest sports car engines! Whether you enjoy hearing a pure roar or a beastly growl, Real Revs has what you want in its garage of over 50 cars from 2013 and 2014.



• 50+ sports cars from 2013 and 2014
• 17 manufacturers from around the globe
• Superior sound quality
• Audio of start up and drive scenes
• View stunning photos of each car as you listen
• Read the incredible specs for every car
• Crisp, sleek, and modern interface


Real Revs is in a class of its own. Its clean, modern design suits the elegant engineering of the featured cars and contrasts their beastly power. The precise and focused interface allows you to hear the exact engine rumble you want when you want. Real Revs gives you access to a garage that boasts iconic manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, and Maserati. There are 17 total manufacturers to tantalize your senses, so step in and listen until the song is stuck in your head.

Listen using headphones for the best experience of Real Revs!

Enjoy a one-time purchase with full benefits. There are no advertisements within Real Revs, and there are no in-app purchases. You get everything at the start, so there is nothing that will disrupt or hinder your experience with these amazing vehicles.



• Aero Star Creations will always be working to add more manufacturers and more cars to Real Revs.
• If there is a specific car or a specific feature you would like to see in Real Revs, send Aero Star Creations a request email. Real Revs includes an email button to do just that.
• Find Aero Star Creations on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to discover the surprising secret behind the business. You can also use these sites to stay up-to-date on new features, updates, and more.

  • 50+ sports cars from 17 manufacturers (from 2013 to 2014)
  • Superior sound quality of start up and drive scene audio
  • Stunning photos and incredible specs of each car
  • Crisp, sleek, and modern interface
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