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Your recipe collection with example recipes (dark mode)
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Share and collaborate on recipes, manage household shopping lists and meal planning, and import recipes from anywhere on the web instantly.

  • Import from any URL: Create a recipe simply by punching in a web URL
  • Powerful search: Search every field within your recipes including misspellings and similar words
  • Labelling/categorization system: Tag your recipes and filter by tags
  • Drag and drop meal planning: Schedule your meals interactively, quickly and easily
  • Shopping lists: Automatically categorized and intelligently grouped - add your recipes directly to a shopping list and similar items will be combined
  • Sharing and public profiles: Share your recipe collection and collaborate on meal plans/shopping lists with your family or friends
  • Import: Supports Pepperplate, Living Cookbook, and Paprika
  • Export: Back up your recipes in multiple formats for data portability
  • Dark mode: Never blind yourself at night again! (or leave dark mode enabled all the time like I do)
  • Open source: All of the source code is on GitHub

Login to your RecipeSage account on any device and access your recipes anywhere in the world.

  • Import from any URL
  • Powerful search
  • Light and dark mode
Product ID: 9MXRVB7X6RKF
Release date: 2023-02-23
Last update: 2023-02-23