Rein Contact Analyzer
Rein Contact Analyzer
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Intuitive display of rein contact Rhythm. The rider's sensitivity and connection in each hand to the motion of the horse is higher as the line traces become more like regular repeating waves.
Intuitive display of rein contact Consistency. The consistency in each hand is higher as the two line traces merge.
Press "Start" to start saving rein tension (weight) data to a file on your device. Press "Mark" to label the saved data at important moments during data collection.
Use the scrollable tools to select 10 s duration sections of saved data and view the instantaneous rein tension at key moments. Identify key periods of interest with the markers added during data collection.
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Invaluable rein tension tool for coaches and academic professionals alike. Use your Synchronicity System by Avansce to view a rider’s rein aids in real time. Instant weight in each rein is displayed along with intuitive graphical displays of the key contact quality parameters, Consistency and Rhythm. Start and stop collection and storage of the instant weight data for later playback and review. Playback on screen provides easy scrolling tools and markers to identify key moments such as take-off and landing during jumping. Stored .csv data files can be imported into Excel or similar spreadsheet apps for full data manipulation using statistical tools.

  • Live rein tension (weight) data in both left and right reins
  • Intuitive and instructive live viewing of contact quality indicators
  • Playback viewing of saved data from a riding sequence
  • Add data markers at key moments during ride data collection
  • Import saved ride data as a standard .csv file into Excel or similar
Product ID: 9P72SQLN2RQN
Release date: 2018-06-22
Last update: 2022-03-12