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Route Organizer
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The Route Organizer app is designed to most efficiently route multiple stops, allow a route to be saved and assist in navigating between stops using the maps control found in Windows and Windows phones or export the route for input into another GPS unit. For example, assume the user is a sales rep that must visit every Walmart store within a given geographical area. The Route Organizer can map the best way to drive between all those multiple locations.

All data is synced between all the user’s Windows devices. The user may enter the original data on his desktop and then retrieve a saved route on his Windows tablet or phone. All locations and saved routes can be exported to a delimited file to be imported into other applications.

  • Efficient mapping of routes with multiple stops
  • Syncs data across all installed Windows devices
  • Allows export of locations and saved routes
  • Allows import of delimited location data files.
Release date: 2017-10-17
Last update: 2021-04-15