Safe Deposit Vault
Safe Deposit Vault
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Home Page for the Account. (3 Vaults)
Contents of the Advance Directives Vault
Settings for the Advance Directives Vault (Note All Recipients have Read Access)
Contents of the Last Wishes Vault.
Settings for the Last Wishes Vault. (Note Recipients can ONLY list the contents, not read the contents)


Safe Deposit Vault provides the equivalent of a physical Safe Deposit Box at a Bank for your digital content. This allows you to place your important digital content, such as a Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, various Power of Attorney, HIPPA Release, Inventory of Physical Property, Financial Accounts, Passwords etc., in a place that you, your family, friends, and associates can locate should something happen to you or your home. The digital content that is placed into the Vault is encrypted to protect your privacy. In addition the content is also digitally signed by you and cryptographically time stamped by our service. This will provide proof that the digital content removed from the Vault has been signed by you and is an exact copy of content you placed in the Vault, and the date and time when you signed and placed the content in the Vault.

  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Public/Private Key Encryption
  • Digital Signature
  • Cryptographic Time Stamp
Product ID: 9MTXGM5KZ0PW
Release date: 2019-05-01
Last update: 2020-09-17