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Worried about putting your notes to the local storage, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote cloud systems? Don’t want to lose your mobility and productivity? With Saferoom and Saferoom Notes you can sleep tight - your private notes are encrypted in your device and (if you want) can be sent to cloud securely. Your notes stay always encrypted and thus Saferoom keeps you safe against any data leaks.
To see the content of your encrypted note you need to decrypt it using decryption key, which is stored locally and never leaves your device. No accounts, no password syncing using Cloud - Saferoom provides true zero-knowledge encryption

  • Saferoom Notes support local notebooks, section and notes with zero-knowledge encryption - right now with Windows computer you can create encrypted and secure local notes;
  • To protect your notes Saferoom Notes uses AES-256 encryption algorithm and stores your password locally thus providing zero-knowledge encryption;
  • To share notes between users you can use One-time password feature that allows you to manually specify a password for encryption;
  • Saferoom Notes allow you encrypt, decrypt your notes and attached files from local store;
  • Saferoom Notes is available on Windows 10 x86,x64 and ARM platforms.
  • Use Serilog for the logging
Product ID: 9PNXDQ1S3CK1
Release date: 2020-12-27
Last update: 2022-03-11