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Sailing Race Timer
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Time and score sailing races quickly and easily with Sailing EasyTimer.

Collect lap times efficiently on the water, or enter lap times after the race. Either way, you’ll have your results ready as soon the boats are off the water.

Take these simple steps to score your races…

  1. Create a list of competitors
  2. Set the date and start times for the race
  3. Tap on boats as they cross the line
  4. Click the results button to see instant corrected results (you need to purchase this feature)

Races can be scored based on these handicap systems (with in-app purchase)…
Portsmouth Dinghy Handicap
PHRF Time on Distance
PHRF Time on Time

Competitors and results may be grouped into fleets with separate start times

Sailing EasyTimer can store all of your races automatically (with in-app purchase).

Races can be grouped into series (with in-app purchase)
Series results can be viewed on screen and saved to a file

Races may be saved to disk in the following formats (with in-app purchase)…
EasyTimer format (.eztx) allows you to save a file that can be opened in Sailing EasyTimer on another device
HTML format (.html) allows you to save a file that can be printed or included on a web site
CSV format (.csv) allows you to save results that can be opened in other programs

Import default dinghy classes with latest ratings

  • Time Sailing Races
  • Score Sailing Races
  • Sailing Results
  • Sailing Series
  • Portsmouth Handicap Scoring
  • PHRF Scoring
  • IRC Scoring
  • Calculate Sailing Results
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Release date: 2016-07-04
Last update: 2021-04-15