Sanchar - Bulk Message Sender
Sanchar - Bulk Message Sender Free
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Sanchar - Bulk Message Sender



Watch this video (turn on subtitles for english):-

System Requirements :-
The software wont install without elevated permissions(Run as administrator)

Microsoft edge should be installed on your pc

This app will send bulk whatsapp messages to unknown whatsapp numbers stored in an excel file in 1st sheet and 1st column (A1, A2, A3…etc.)
Note:- numbers in excel file must not contain country code (like +91 etc.) in them.
Excellent for sending whatsapp to many people.

when 1st time running the app, it will ask to run edge_update.exe as admin. Give it permission then restart the app.

Register then login by email

Put the message you want to send in a .docx file and browse that file in app.

Browse the excel file with phone numbers. (format of excel file is written above)

Select photo of video (OPTIONAL) to send

Press start sending

MS edge will open up and then you have to scan the whatsapp qr code.

The app will start to send messages.

  • Bulk whatsapp sending
  • Whatsapp numbers stored in an excel sheet
  • Completely FREEE
  • Send messages to UNLIMITED numbers
  • Will send WhatsApp messages at 3 message per minute (depends on internet and hardware of your computer)
  • Can Send WhatsApp on UNKNOWN numbers too
  • Supports Unicode.
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