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Scale Ruler
Scale Ruler
Scale Ruler


Ruler app designed for objects and maps measurement with various scales selectable. Both units system available: metric (meters) and imperial (Inches, feet and statue miles).
It’s perfect tool for engineers, modellers, designers and many more.

-Possibility to define your own scales and store them in phone.
-over 30 predefined scales
-measuring in 2 units systems
-protractor mode for angles measurement
-on screen touch marker for precise measurement

It’s possible to measure scaled models to check the corresponding dimensions against the original.
Precise distance measurement by dragging green marker and angles measurement by protractor.

It’s also possible to measure distance on map in scale (in miles or kilometers).

Ruler app contains mainly scales for model trains:
*0 (both 1:45 - US and 1:48 - Europe)
*00 - British scale 1:76.2
*H0 - 1:87
*TT - 1:120
*N - 1:160
*Z - 1:220

There are also ruler scales used in other scale models (planes, ships kits etc.):

Map scales:
1:50 000
1:100 000
1:500 000 (ICAO - aviation)

  • Precise ruler
  • Different scales available for models, maps measurement
  • Protractor for angles measurement
  • Ability to define your own scale
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