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SpeakStick Activity
SpeakStick Activity
SpeakStick Activity
SpeakStick Activity


SpeakStick is a new switch or speech development activity, for use by speech therapists, specialist teachers and parents. Play the game and “grow” a stick bridge to move across firstly by tapping the screen/switch or clicking the mouse. Then go to Settings and change to voice, and grow the stick by making continuous voice sounds. The Sound Settings can adjust for the sound level, the frequency range or fricatives only (zzz, shh etc)

SpeakStick can be used for helping young people with speech development by linking sounds to visual changes - in this case growing the sticks to make a bridge and allowing the character across. It is ideal as a cause and effect type tool, and use in a Sensory Room environment.

The app requires a microphone access on your device. SpeakStick contains no adverts and does not require a login to use.

SpeakStick also supports switch access and Adaptive XBox Controller.

  • Game
  • Early Learning
  • Switch Accessible
  • Speech Therapy Activity
  • Responds to Sound level, frequency or fricatives.
Release date: 2022-02-24
Last update: 2022-02-24