SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
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SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry
SpiroClinic - Clinical Spirometry


We are launching a BETA version of the SpiroClinic App to improve user experience and get your feedback on what’s important for you.
*Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable runtime libraries are required.

What do we don’t have in this version:

  • Calibration Check
  • Local Database*
  • For now, to sync and not to lose your data you will need an internet connection.

We will be adding these features in a short time. Which features are more important for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for any feedback or idea that you might have!

With the developmental improvements, we are aiming for much faster and easier lung function tests with the world’s most advanced professional spirometer, SpiroClinic Compact&Pro. SpiroClinic spirometers eliminate barriers in remote patient engagement by allowing healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and comprehensively evaluate treatment efficacy. The predicted values are calculated with GLI 2012 and the other calculation methods will be added later.

Streamline patient management and collect usable, repeatable, and reliable research data.

You will experience simplified spirometry for patients, patient management for doctors, and clinical studies for researchers with ATS/ERS 2019 compatible clinical ultrasonic spirometry. Perform Forced Expiration Only & Full-Loop Tests, SVC, and MVV tests easily and accurately. Observe Flow Volume / Volume Time Graphs, Inspiratory/Expiratory Curves, and Pre/Post Bronchodilator comparisons.

The features of the ultrasonic sensor technology of SpiroClinic® spirometers include,

  • Ultrasonic Flow Measurement technology
  • Calibration-Free Technology
  • Compliance to 2019 spirometry standards (ATS & ERS) released by European Respiratory and American Thoracic Society.

The SpiroClinic® App is implemented for both iOS, Windows, and Android devices. API / SDK integration options also allow custom solutions for clinics.

  • Real-Time testing feedback
  • Unlimited number of patient and test records
  • SpiroCloud Integration
  • Error Code Detection
  • Session Identification and Grading
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Intuitive App and Dashboard

The SpiroClinic® App simplifies spirometry for both patients and doctors with an extensive range of predicted values displayed parameters, and displays option tailored tests to users and clinics. An unlimited number of patients can be registered to one SpiroClinic® device.

Disclaimer: The SpiroClinic App must be used with the doctor’s approval.

Product ID: 9P8HH5FBDSQX
Release date: 2022-01-03
Last update: 2022-06-17