SportFX Studio
SportFX Studio
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Player Highlights
Customizable Template Package
Scoreboard and Spotlight effect put the fans right in the action!


The SportFX Studio suite leverages the wealth of info in the ScoreStream ecosystem to take your personal pictures and videos and turn them into professional quality clips and graphics.

We aimed to create a suite of tools that make sports content producers life easier as well as elevate the content to that next level. These tools can be used at any level of sports, but are especially useful for high school sports and college sports.

  • Scoreboard overlays provide that broadcast television quality to your plays.
  • Spotlight your key players with player focused graphics.
  • Save your creations, post to your social media accounts, and to ScoreStream all at the same time.
Product ID: 9MT1KDQ92FBG
Release date: 2018-08-13
Last update: 2022-03-11