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With SportsAn you can take any mp4 video and mark section as clips which can then be tagged with user defined skill based tags and comments. Great for analyzing sports. It allows to to isolate particular skills and player performances.
When you’re done you can export just the clips to a SportsAn file for team members to view using the SportsAn app or to a plain mp4 video file which still contains all the clip and tag information for people to view with the SportsAn app.

  • Divide any mp4 video into clips
  • Tag clips with player names and skills performed.
  • Tags can have modifiers attached that describe whether a skill was performed effectively or not.
  • Clips can be filtered by player, skill, etc.
  • Clips can be exported and distributed to team members. Although team members can use SportsAn to view the clips, they can view the clips on any device that will play an mp4 video file.
  • SportsAn is free for viewers. Only the ability to create clips requires a subscription.
  • Use all the features of SportsAn free for 30 days.
  • Keyboard shortcuts makes clip creation fast.
Release date: 2020-02-27
Last update: 2022-03-12