Sports Clip Maker
Sports Clip Maker
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Category: Sports
Learn through Vision
Place voice instructions over the top over clips
Mix up different clips and then process into one Mp4 video file
Record multiple clips at the same time
Adaptable to any sport, Accelerate team and individual improvement
Affordable and Easy to Use


Take your team to the next level with Sports Clip Maker. An effective sports analysis video editing tool that sporting coaches can use to improve individual players and whole team performance through visual learning. Simply place the video of your game to your computer and add it to SportsClipMaker.

SportsClipMaker is simple to use, making analysing the team’s performance a breeze. Different moments during the game are identified by the coach and each player receives a clip highlighting areas the team/player did well or needs to improve.

The coach can also place a voice recording instruction over the top of a clip. Each clip is processed into individual MP4 video files.

A coach codes a game by either clicking on the player or action button or by using voice recognition coding. The coach can quickly fast forward and rewind through the game using keyboard hotkeys or by using voice recognition.

SportsClipMaker offers a 14 day free trial then an in-app annual subscription must be purchased.

  • Unlimited player and action buttons
  • Speech recognition coding
  • Voice instructions over the top of clips
  • Mashups of mixed clips
  • Adjust the length of clips with ease
  • Touch, Speech, Mouse, Keyboard and Pen customised
  • Custom button colours
  • Full screen video editing with transparent buttons and clips
  • Shortcut keys
  • Video Editing
  • Custom flags for each clip (like, dislike, flag, voiceover)
  • Simple to Use
Release date: 2015-09-15
Last update: 2022-03-11