Startklocka för Windows 8
Startklocka för Windows 8
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Category: Sports
Default start watch with start info
Standard clock
Modern black and white
Rainbow alternative
Startklocka för Windows 8
Club and event clock. Set picture, banner and colors as you like.
The Charm settings can be used for customizing your start watch
Unique colors and possibility to see About info.
Club info


Start Watch for Windows 8 is an application to be used for starts in Orienteering, Running, Skiing, tracking, bicycling, and so on. This watch can be set up with or without sound. You can set it up with or without color coding and use many different layout depending on your needs.

Start Watch for Windows 8 is not using any data on your computer and is save to use. There is no access to your personal information.

  • Sport Watch
  • Start Watch
  • Orienteering start Watch
  • Skiing start Watch
  • Running start Watch
Product ID: 9WZDNCRDGG04
Release date: 2014-03-11
Last update: 2020-10-19