StayFit workout trainer
StayFit workout trainer
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StayFit - this is a great social fitness platform uniting people for sport. A variety of workouts and training programs, an extensive collection of exercises for Street Workout, Yoga, and CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Fitness, and others.

  • A lot of built-in workouts + 100% customizable workout editor
  • Training programs
  • Workout diary
  • Nutrition and Body measurements tracker
  • Detailed statistics for the passed workouts
  • An extensive collection of exercises
  • Raise the Street Workout rank

Improve your body, track progress, and share achievements, confirm your Street Workout ranks, compete with thousands of users worldwide. All in one application. Only real achievements.

  • only real achievements
  • best for self development
  • rating between other users
  • video, image and text explanations of routines
Release date: 0001-01-01
Last update: 0001-01-01