Stock Car News
Stock Car News
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Standings, schedule, and headlines.
Driver specific headlines.
Share headlines.
Even more headlines.  And app options.
Click-right (or tap hold) on an upcoming race to add to your calendar.
Reading news headline article.
Race specific headlines.
Driver headlines.
Live tiles show latest standings.


Stock Car News is the unofficial NASCAR news app. Browse/read/share the most recent top 50 NASCAR news headlines from across the United States. Or browse/read/share the top 50 news headlines specific to each driver (or race). Up-to-date standings for the top 50 drivers. Entire 2015 Sprint Cup schedule (with optional calendar integration). Upcoming race notification (don’t worry it’s not annoying and you can turn it off). No ads.

I address all bugs and respond to all comments and ideas.

  • Top 50 most recent NASCAR News Headlines
  • Current Standings for the Top 50 Drivers
  • Entire 2015 Sprint Cup Schedule
  • Every Driver with Every Driver News Headlines
  • Every Race with Every Race News Headlines
  • Live Tile Standings
  • Share news articles
  • Snap view support
  • Upcoming race notification
  • Calendar integration for races
  • No ads. However, tips appreciated - Support solo developers
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Release date: 2015-02-21
Last update: 2020-10-19