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The main screen after capturing finish splits
Raw times calculated from winner elapsed time.
Charms available.
About screen.
Privacy page.
Usage instructions.


This is the most simple stop watch supporting and focused on finish split timing. It was written to support rowing races but works great for any event where the finish line timing is to take the split times (the time between the first place and each other finisher) rather that the raw elapsed time of the race. The application does allow the elapsed time of the first place finisher to be inserted and the computation of the raw time of each of the finishers is displayed.

The application supports up to 8 finish times to be taken. Usage instructions are, of course, contained in the About screens.

This is an absolutely no frills application intended to one simple thing and that is to obtain accurate split and raw times at the finish of a race. There are no graphics, cute chrome or anything but a few buttons and text boxes.

This application is totally free and has no advertising or anything else that can gain access to your privacy.

  • Stop Watch
  • Split times
  • Raw time calculations
Release date: 2014-03-06
Last update: 2019-02-03