Stopwatch: StopNow Free
Stopwatch: StopNow Free Free
Rating (4.7)
Reviews: 332
Category: Sports
Open the simple stopwatch, the lap timer or the special barrier free accessibility mode from the start screen
The start page in snapped view
The simple stopwatch
The lap timer. Displaying the total time, lap time, average and the history graph.
Change the lockscreen behavior and the theme from the options flyout.
Export recorded laps to a csv file, local or on your one drive folder.
The barrier free accessibility mode is optimized for keyboard input and to be used with screen readers
StopNow works in fullscreen and split screen mode.


This app is more than just another stopwatch for your Windows device. Completely ad free and full of features this top rated app goes one step beyond the typical contender.

  • Different modes:
    • a simple stopwatch mode featuring a large clock face
    • a lap timer mode
    • a multi stopwatch mode, allowing to capture multiple time simultaneously
    • multi stopwatch results: giving you all the details like lap times, split times, ranking, fastest rounds
    • a timer mode, allowing you to be notified after a specified time
    • a multi timer mode, to start multiple timers in parallel
    • Special accessibility mode: optimized for keyboard input and to work with screen readers
  • Pin your favorite stopwatch mode to the Windows Start page
  • Display of the total time
  • Capturing of lap times
  • Export lap times to Microsoft Excel via CSV files
  • Copy results to the clipboard
  • Display of the average lap time
  • Display of all lap times and the cumulated times
  • Seamlessly switch between apps without stopping the watch or loosing accuracy
  • Designed for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Hololens
  • Prevent lockscreen while running (optional setting)
  • Stopwatch
  • Capturing of lap times
  • Prevent lockscreen
  • Instant startup
  • Runs with minimum permissions
  • Export to Excel (CSV) file
  • Accessibility mode
  • Screen reader support
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Pin stopwatches to the Windows Start page
Product ID: 9NBLGGGZ5B52
Release date: 2015-04-04
Last update: 2021-05-06