Symptom and Disease - Notebook
Symptom and Disease - Notebook
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You can save your notes when you are studying. Just say whatever you are studying and save it.

Voice typing is recomended instead of writing.

Here is some feature of application:
-Add your symptoms and diseases.
-Add definition, etiology, pathology ect. to disease
-Add or remove symptom to disesae
-Look symptom’s diseases or disease’s symptoms.
-Find disease with a group of symptoms.
-Share your notes with your friends with in a file (text file).
-Backup and restore your notes.
-Download others users’ notes.
-Share your notes with other users. (as appropiate to this application).(Please pay attention to copyright in your uploads)

This application is notes application. Please don’t use for therapeutic purpose.

  • Symptom
  • Disease
  • Notebook
  • Find disease
  • Share
  • Backup and Restore
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Release date: 0001-01-01
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