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Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager
Tactics Manager


Tactics Manager 4.0 App enables football coaches to create and design their own practices, tactics and plan sessions.

There are over 25,000 users worldwide using Tactics Manager since 2007 and now we are excited to announce it’s available on the Windows App store!

• Current version 3.0 users: Upgrade to 4.0 at no cost
• Guest users: FREE to create 5 practices & 1 session Plan - Export to JPEG and PDF
• Sign-up for FREE lifetime use: Create 20 practices & 2 session plans - Export to JPEG and PDF + Cloud saving

What’s New in 4.0:

• Cloud Saving > 20 practices / 2 sessions included to Free and Pro users
• Cloud Saving > Subscribe to Premier for unlimited files across all your devices
• Manage My Devices > Use on 2 Desktops & 1 iPad (once iPad app is released)
• Manage My Devices > Self managed to delete a device and register a new one
• Licence from Product key to Email > Now just login – much easier to manage
• User Management > Got multi-licence? Now more control to add/remove your coaches
• My Profile > User interface improvements - now quicker and easier to make changes
• Save to JPEG > Now able to CROP and EXPORT high quality / resolution images
• Tools > Curved Lines > Now super quick and easy to achieve with more control
• Tools > Wiggly Lines > Now more control over the wave width and distance
• Tools > Square and Circle > The outline line thickness and colour can now be changed
• Tools > Speech > The outline line thickness, colour, and fill colour can now be changed
• Formations > Pre-Set Formations > Now includes the Goalkeeper
• Formations > Subs > Now easier to add and more space to add names
• Players > Add male and female players/goalkeepers onto the pitch together
• Players > Now able to turn off drop-shadow
• File Management > In addition to “List View”, we have added “Grid View” with Thumbnail Previews
• File Management > Sort files and folder by > Name and Date A-Z, Z-A
• File Management > Export to JPEG or PDF without having to open file
• File Management > Easier to multi-select files/folders > Delete or Move to different folders
• Session Planner > File management and user interface quicker and easier to use
• Training / Match Notes > Easier to enter notes and see diagram at the same time
• Training / Match Notes > Short-cut to Save to PDF
• BUG FIXES > Fixed all known issues

  • 43 Pitch Planning Angles
  • 128 Players Actions
  • 160 Goalkeeper Actions
  • Equipment (practices and conditioning)
  • Line Tools
  • Pitch Options and Zoom in / Out
  • Save Drills & Sessions to PDF
  • Add Training and Match Notes
  • Your Coach Info Included with PDF's
  • Save Diagrams to JPEG
  • Copy, Paste, Undo... Super Quick!
  • Group + Layer objects
  • Square and Circle Highlighter Tools
  • Text and Speech Bubble Tool
  • Lock and Unlock Objects
  • Easy file and folder management
  • Multiple Languages
Product ID: 9P40VW20KN3J
Release date: 2022-04-21
Last update: 2023-12-11