TagIt CO Deer
TagIt CO Deer
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TagIt CO Deer


TagIt CO Deer enables you to conquer the dismal challenge of selecting hunt codes from over 1000 choices in Colorado. This tool matches up statistics from Drawing Odds, Harvest Success Rates, and Deer populations along with GMU specific information to give you the best chance at drawing and harvesting an Deer this year. The tool offers over 20 selection criteria from residency to minimum draw percent to minimum harvest percent based on current Dept of Wildlife Information. It also allow you to choose unit specific information such as elk density, elevation, and hunter density. Plus lots more. This tool will help you make the hunt code decisions that will make you successful this year. Made by hunters for hunters.

  • Easy selection of filtering criteria based upon pull down menus.
  • Over 20 selection criteria available to fine tune your application to your preferences.
  • Current Draw Results data and Harvest data.
  • Hunt Codes for Colorado Deer.
  • Based upon Colorado Department of Wildlife Big Game Statistics.
Release date: 2022-02-23
Last update: 2023-02-25