Tile Converter
Tile Converter
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Main form with activities list.
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TileConverter is a special purpose sequential step tool you can use to convert MapBox “https://docs.mapbox.com/studio-manual/reference/tilesets/” tilesets to “…/Z/X/Y.png file Tile-Caches” and Tile-Caches to MapBox tilesets as used by the MarinePlotter App at “http://www.djm.clubcruceros.net/MarinePlotter/MarinePlotter.html
and the MECS App at

  • Current and Update sequenctial activity lists.
  • Current activity how to tips.
  • A master TileConverter documents folder.
  • Predefined document sub-folders.
  • Create 100 mega byte to 1000 giga byte tilesets.
  • Level 8 to 0 bubble up image reprojection to improve charted area overview.
Product ID: 9NGX76MVT691
Release date: 2019-10-14
Last update: 2023-02-01