The Equestrian App
The Equestrian App
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News feed of your activities and the people you follow
all your horses in one connected spot
record activities with your horse or events
all the people connected in the care and enjoyment of your horse
manage your calendar with equestrian specific features


The Equestrian manages day-to-day horse stall management, boarding needs, leasing rules, training plan, veterinarian exams, farrier visits, a marketplace, and more. We all want the best for our horses, so we built The Equestrian app to be that exclusive, one-of-a-kind equine tool you can rely upon everyday for your horses healthcare and well-being.

It’s about connecting people, horses and the community that cares for them.

  • News Feed
  • My Horses
  • Contacts
  • Log Activities
  • Photos
  • Forums
  • Barn Chat
  • Track Horses Health
  • Boarding and Stall Management
  • Farrier Features
Product ID: 9NL88G9JGRCM
Release date: 2018-10-17
Last update: 2022-03-13