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Uniden AppCam
Uniden AppCam
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Uniden AppCam Remote app allows you to view live video from your Uniden AppCams. From anywhere in the world you have 3G or higher phone access or WiFi access, you can view your cameras live.

You can add multiple cameras to this app for remote viewing. The snapshot feature also allows you to record a still image of your video to your Android device. You also have access to view recorded files on the cameras microSD card.

The Uniden AppCam also allows 2-3 simultaneous remote viewers and can send Alert Notifications and/or emails when motion is detected.

View live and recorded video from your Android device
Choose any camera to view
Supports WiFi networks
Record snapshots to your Android device
Push notification, email alerts
Initiate recording to microSD card remotely through app
System supports 2 remote viewers simultaneously (requires 768kbps effective upload bandwidth at any given time)

  • video
  • camera
  • Streaming
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