Update Manager for Windows
Update Manager for Windows Free
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Update Manager for Windows


This tool allows computer administrators to fully control the process and the timing of installing updates to their system using the Windows Update Agent API. The tool is also capable of performing an offline search for updates using an update catalog.

No more unwanted forced reboots or long update sessions to the worst possible times.


  1. Ability to auto download wsusscn2.cab for “offline” search for updates (for example when wuauserv is blocked in the firewall)
  2. Ability to “manually” (that is without the use of wuauserv or the Windows agent API) download found updates to disk (useful when the access of Windows Update to the servers of Microsoft is blocked)
  3. Ability to block automatic Windows Update on pro/home editions of windows 10 by setting the WSUS servers to " " as described in the “Windows Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline” from Microsoft
  4. Ability to search for updates in custom intervals (when automatic Windows Update is disabled), only searched for updates when the PC is not in use (optional)
  5. Hides the Windows Update page from the settings app when automatic updates are disabled
  • Tool to manage updates of windows at the user's discretion
Product ID: 9NKXC6ZQ5R94
Release date: 2018-10-26
Last update: 2022-03-11