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VitalScan Personal offers persons an inside view into their cardiac and metabolic systems, measuring their readiness to train through a comprehensive ECG wave assessment. Daily cardiac measurements help to easily track the effects of training on the body’s readiness, stress levels and recovery patterns.

Training zone intensity ranges are a unique feature to VitalScan Personal, providing persons with recommendations for the maximum heart rate for the day. The data is updated daily, allowing persons to manage their training, maximizing the benefits of each session.

Main Features:

  • VitalScan Personal is the only system available today that has the ability to quickly, non-stressfully, and non-invasively assess the functional state of an person, providing a comprehensive view of their recovery state.
  • VitalScan Personal delivers accurate training guidance based on the cardiac readiness analysis. The cardiac readiness calculation is based on physical and mental stress, recovery pattern and adaptation reserve levels.
  • VitalScan Personal defines training zones for workout intensity based on your current cardiac state.
  • The aerobic and anaerobic readiness ratings provide a detailed view of the body’s adaptation for exercise, while the trends indicate the position on the supercompensation curve.
  • The recovery pattern tracks your body’s ability to recover and helps in identifying recovery techniques that fit you best.

Emotional and Physical Stress Level Features:

  • Quantify your level of stress using heart data
  • Feel better and live longer with less stress!
  • See how you react to different stressors
  • persons: track recovery to increase performance
  • Follow your progress over time!
  • Personalized algorithm tailors to YOUR heart
  • More accurate with every measurement!

Additional Features:

  • Daily Steps and active Calorie counter
  • GPS mapping of Running, Cycling and Driving
  • Creates Food diary of all your meals with food photo snapping
  • Set daily goals for Steps, Sleep time and Hydration
  • Observe trends over time with all variables to track wellness
  • Uses Instant Fitness for your home workouts
  • Uses Sleep Time to monitor your sleep cycles
  • Uses Instant Heart Rate to monitor your heart beats
  • Built in support of third party wearable devices and health apps
  • Apple Health App integration


  • Never lose your data with unlimited storage!
  • Turn the phone sideways for historical graphs

Elite level sport requires an elite level training solution. VitalScan’s easy-to-use, interactive software was specially designed to support the sport and performance goals of persons, teams and sport professionals. Goals and guidance are structured around unique personal data such as ability, age, gender and fitness level. Workout, nutrition and weight management plans are then tailored to an person’s precise needs and automatically scheduled.

Understanding your body is essential to any fitness undertaking and VitalScan assessments provide the knowledge for preventative health care and safer training. This results-based package is a customized solution designed for unparalleled athleticism and overall health management.

The VitalScan app is supported in conjunction with VitalScan Information Center.

The VitalScan app is fully functional with required VitalScan Patient Monitoring server license. A preview of the functionality can be viewed using the default login information.

Product ID: 9MSMN41GB7C4
Release date: 2017-11-14
Last update: 2023-02-14