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Welligent Express
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Welligent Express
Welligent Express
Welligent Express
Welligent Express


Welligent Express 2.0

This version includes a completely redesigned, easier to navigate interface and faster data loading.

Welligent Express 2.0 is not just accessing an EHR platform on your phone. It is a mobile-optimized experience, containing the most used EHR features for managing client care on the go, and it’s included with your Welligent EHR platform at no additional cost. It’s what we like to call a win/win.

Our five favorite features of Welligent Express 2.0

  1. Easily manage your schedule, clients, and to do list from any device
  2. Use Screening Tools to complete, review, and get documents signed in the field
  3. Upload photos to your desktop without storing them on your device
  4. Voice to text* capable for drafting session notes and more
  5. Like all Welligent products, your data is safe and secure

Additional Features

Know what’s next with convenient scheduling
• View schedule by day, week, or month
• Update and complete existing appointments
• Schedule new appointments

Client records at your fingertips
• View current caseloads
• Complete session notes and assessments
• Access existing client records and add or update demographic and family contact information, pay sources, and medications
• Use the device camera to add a client photo or other item (such as an insurance card) to the record
• Upload attachments to client records

Treatment tracking made easy
• View or complete screening tools and mobile forms
• Track daily activities and goals
• Monitor vital signs
• Track medication administration
• View treatment plans

Convenient Extras
• Voice to text* capabilities to draft notes and more
• Collect signatures from clients or caregivers using on-screen finger signing, mouse signatures, USB Pens, or Topaz signature devices

  • Voice to text functionality policies are at the sole discretion of your organization. Welligent recommends not using any PHI with this feature.
Product ID: 9N4W9W19XGB3
Release date: 2018-05-22
Last update: 2023-02-28