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Category: Security
Applications network access control


Windows8FirewallPanel is a client application to control and communicates with your Windows8FirewallControl application running on your PC.
The application protects other running programs from undesirable incoming and outgoing network activity. You can set individual network permissions to any running program, so control network connectivity and information leakage made by the other programs.

NOTE – Windows8FirewallPanel requires Windows8FirewllControl installed on the PC which is available from

  • Unbeatable stability/complete compatibility with any other personal security products
  • Light setup
  • Instant notifications of blocked activity
  • Per-application and Flexible security settings
  • Control expenses of mobile/satellite connections
  • Zone based network permissions management
  • Simplicity of the operations
Product ID: 9WZDNCRCS99G
Release date: 2014-12-02
Last update: 2020-12-03