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xCrypto Password Manager for Windows 10

Keep your data safe and secure and sync to multiple devices with xCrypto Password Manager!

SECRET PASSWORD: Using xCrypto you can keep a record of your Application Accounts, Bank Accounts, Debit/Credit Card Accounts and Website accounts and encrypt them with single Secret Password which will only password you will need to remember.

AUTHENTICATOR: Using Authenticator you can generate One-Time access codes for 2-Step verification enabled website accounts.

PASSWORD GENERATOR: Use our Password Generator to generate secure passwords for your accounts.

Please Note:

  • We recommend you to set Default Encryption and Pin Lock.
  • If you are using xCrypto on multiple devices you have to set the same Default Encryption on every device.
  • We welcome your suggestions and any bugs you encounter to make xCrypto better in future.
  • Store your Application, Bank, Debit/Credit Card & Website Accounts information.
  • ENCRYPTION: Encrypt your accounts using AES Encryption or xCrypto Encryption for more security.
  • AUTHENTICATOR: Generate 2-Step Authentication Code for Online Accounts.
  • AUTHENTICATOR Sync: Don't loose your 2-Step Authentication Accounts even after reinstall of xCrypto
  • PASSWORD GENERATOR: Generate strong passwords using customizable options.
  • CORTANA: Open or navigate to any account type and accounts using Cortana Commands.
  • PIN LOCK: Set Pin Lock for secure access.
  • OneDrive Sync: Backup ans synchronize your accounts to your OneDrive (Microsoft) account.
  • OneDrive Sync: Restore your accounts to all of your Windows Devices (Phone, Tablet, PC).
  • Encrypt Text to securely send via message, mail or any sharing app you have on your device.
Release date: 2014-10-16
Last update: 2020-10-16