Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Apple Tree v4.48 - growth and benefits of a single Apple Tree.
Apple Tree v4.48 - automated ToolTips
Value Proposition - calculate your offering in Lifetime Value ($€& / h).
dark and light User Interface - choose your favourite design
Bakery Tutorial - learn to manage a small company
based on System Dynamics, famous for 21st century World Model predictions.
a short introduction in Management Theory - diagram included.
Apple Tree Developer - publish your own Business Model
integrated Formula Editors in x / y / t

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About Apple Tree

an Apple Tree in your Garden. one of world’s most historic, well-known Small Business Models of all time. Eat an Apple, save some Seeds, grow small Plant in your House Garden, wait 7 years. Watch your Tree growing, pluck 10 Apples per Customer. Define your own Apple’s Price. Open your very small business, sell Apples for a lifetime. And have wonderful Apple Pie in Autumn, every year. The purpose of this educational, eLearning Apple Tree Garden Builder Simulation is to think about how little it needs to create a sustainable, basic living for you and your family.

How many Trees will you need, for a lifetime of fun and joy, a life in Nature’s garden?

This small collection of Simulations Models brings the Apple Tree calculator (growth, Apples and Sales over time), the Bakery Tutorial (baking bread), a multi-material product calculator for producing any Tools, the Water Supply - Well Builder intro simulation, and a freely configurable Time Ruler from 10…240 months/years.

Through the integrated Formula System editor, you’ll be able to define (create, add or change) calculation models with up to 100 Input and Target Values. All Formulas are fully transparent and self-explanatory via automated ToolTips. So you can review every Formula and also verify the life calculation in numbers.

Loading and Saving of Simulations Models to disk is available, and all Models will be stored in a variant of XMILE, a popular Simulation Model format. Apart from that, Dynamic Applications are gathering no data at all, so everything you develop will be undetectable.

Finally, the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition will allow you to vote for new simulation ideas, as well as on the Platform development roadmap. At Dynamic Applications, customer’s benefit is our motivation. In a pursuit of happiness from fulfilling customer wishes, we work from top.

Dynamic Applications.
Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Key features

  • Apple Tree Calculation - Revenue, Cost and Net Profit over Time
  • Bakery Tutorial - manage a small Bakery, baking bread
  • a Multi-Material Tool Calculator
  • The Water Supply - Well Builder Simulation Model
  • a freely configurable Time Ruler in 10..240 days/months/years.
  • Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition (free Twitter account required to vote)
  • Apple Tree is the Spring 2019 winner of the Dynamic Idea competition.
  • All calculation models are fully Transparent via automated ToolTips.
  • no Data gathering, no Adware, no Spyware, no Server behind you. It's your Business. We respect that.