Artezio Diagram Designer (US)

Artezio Diagram Designer (US)

Designer for diagrams of any complexity
Choose any page size
Use a number of different shapes and lines
Group and ungroup your objects
Change the style of your objects
Insert text anywhere you want and change its style

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Multimedia design

About Artezio Diagram Designer (US)

Artezio Diagram Designer is a simple, stylish and function-rich app. It’s a user-friendly tool for creating diagrams of any complexity.
Share your diagrams with colleagues and/ or post them to social networks.
Artezio Diagram Designer has been specifically developed for touchscreen devices powered by Windows 10.
Free Artezio Diagram Designer is available for download.
Buy the extended set of shapes and enhance your diagrams.
Please look at our demo on YouTube ( for more details

Key features

  • Pages support various standard page sizes
  • Shapes library: a standard set of shapes for drawing diagrams
  • Properties of shapes: color, thickness and style of lines, shape fill color
  • Text insertion within a shape or at any place on a page
  • Shape control: multiple selection, rotating, alignment, grouping and ungrouping
  • Editing: copy, cut, insert, undo and redo operations
  • Working with files: all diagrams are saved as files to tablets, Skydrive and/ or Dropbox. Your files can be transferred between devices
  • Sharing: you can share your diagrams with other apps by using copy/paste functions
  • Printing: you can print out your diagrams