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About ArtRage Lite

Get started with art using a full range of natural painting tools that look and work like the real things! ArtRage Lite is a canvas for thick, expressive oils and delicate watercolors, a sketchpad with a full set of pencils, and a sheet of paper with a stack of wax crayons all in one.

Packaged in an easy to use interface, ArtRage Lite lets people of all ages and skill sets focus on art without needing to learn complex, digital systems. It’s ideal for everyone from kids to adults, beginners to professional artists looking to apply their traditional skills in a digital medium.

Start by picking up a brush and mixing colors on the textured canvas, or pick up a pencil and do some sketching and shading. Then delve deeper in to powerful utilities like Layers, Stickers, Tracing Images, and Stencils that are designed to take real world art skills and translate them directly to your computer. It’s is all about freeing you up to explore your creative potential!

ArtRage comes with 20 essential tools, each of which provide access to natural properties like the wetness or thickness of the paint, or the softness of the tip, that let you explore hundreds of variations.

Paint on textured canvas, paper, and other artistic surfaces.

Work with transparent layers supporting blend modes and other properties.

Import photos to use as references by pinning them to your canvas while you work, or overlaying them as tracing images.

Work with real world stencils to help create shapes and guide your painting along ruler edges.

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Key features

  • 20 artistic tools with natural properties like thickness, wetness, and more.
  • Explore over a hundred variations of the standard tools, like Thick or Drybrushed Oil, or different Pencil nibs.
  • Paint on textured canvas, paper, and other artistic surfaces.
  • Paint on transparent Layers with blend and texture modes.
  • Import images as References or Tracing Images to aid painting.
  • Use Stencils to mask paint, or as ruler edges.
  • Place or spray colorful, textured stickers on your canvas.
  • Work in an easy to understand interface that gets out of the way while you paint.
  • Supports pressure and tilt sensitivity to allow greater expression in your strokes.
  • Export your paintings in common image formats to share with friends.