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About AudioSpace

AudioSpace brings music visualization to a new level and to new venues, from home use to live stages. Enjoy it on your desktop PC or project it on a wall as a next-level party decoration, stream your audiovisual art performances, or get immersed in VR. Built from ground up to fully utilize the computing power of modern PCs, it provides unparalleled visual fidelity enabled by Unreal Engine.

You’ll be located in a virtual room that orbits a planet/star of your choice. On the walls of the room you may choose to display vectorscopes, phase wheels, spectrum columns, spectrograms and waveforms. Inside the room and in the surrounding space you have a selection of unique 3D visualization elements that you may combine and configure to your liking. Sound moves and shapes the elements, particles dance to the rhythm. Chill out watching the auroras, fly over rolling wavescapes, or engage full speed into a warp tunnel. Freely configurable scene presets can be instantly selected with keyboard or set to change at random (or in order) when silence is detected between tracks. Randomization can also be activated for visualization parameters and color palettes.

Virtual Reality is supported through SteamVR; reference hardware is Pimax 5K Plus with Valve Index controllers (finger tracking included), but any SteamVR compatible VR headset should work. Controller support is readily available for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch and Windows Mixed Reality, but can be customized and expanded via SteamVR Input. In VR, music and visualization can come together in a wonderful way. Nowhere else does one have the freedom to see absolutely anything, only limit is the imagination. AudioSpace puts this freedom into good use and creates an unprecedented way of experiencing music. Enjoy!

Tutorials are available both for the basics:
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Performance and compatibility notes:
AudioSpace is best experienced with powerful hardware, both CPU and GPU should be relatively recent, mid-to high-end devices. Audio card/interface with low latency is recommended when visualizing audio input instead of output. For professional use, ASIO capturing can be enabled with ASIO command line parameter. Required operating system is Windows 10, Windows 10 S is not supported.

Key features

  • best music visualizer for PCs
  • beautiful space vistas
  • virtual reality supported
  • recording of all audio sources