Authme (Two-factor authenticator)

Authme (Two-factor authenticator)


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About Authme (Two-factor authenticator)

Simple cross-platform two-factor (2FA) authenticator app for desktop.

Are you tired of using your phone every time you log in to your account which is protected by 2FA? With Authme you can see all of your 2FA codes on your desktop, and copy your codes instantly.

Compatible 2FA codes

  • TOTP 2FA QR code: A TOTP QR code is that you find mostly everywhere, if you want to setup 2FA. Example: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

  • Google Authenticator QR code: A Google Authenticator QR code is what you can export, and contains all of your already imported codes. Example: Google Authenticator.

Key features

  • 🔒 Secure by design: Your codes is secured by AES 256bit encryption with your own password.
  • 🔑 Import codes: Import form any 2FA TOTP QR code or import directly from Google Authenticator.
  • ⌨️ Many shortcuts: Easily open Authme with custom shortcuts and the app will start with your system for quick and easy access.
  • 📡 Completely offline: You own your data, internet is only required for updates.
  • 💻 Privacy in mind: Authme is hidden from video capture and screenshots.
  • 📃 Easy export and backup: You can export your 2FA codes anytime and you can create a backup of your codes very easily.