bigov Better City Indicators (Pro)

bigov Better City Indicators (Pro)

bigov Better City Indicators (Pro)
bigov Better City Indicators (Pro)

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About bigov Better City Indicators (Pro)

bigov Better City Indicators is a city dashboard. This business intelligence tool developed by Bismart (2015 and 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year in Business Intelligence) delivers key city performance indicators, directly to your computer. If you are interested to know about a particular city, this City Dashboard shows 120 indicators proposed by the World Bank, ITA (Transparency Indexes of Municipalities), and the City Council, enabling you to measure the city’s development and see how attractive it is for living in or developing a business in.

The data is incorporated by the City Council. A growing number of city councils are interested in publishing their indicators in this application.

The indicators are grouped in categories, and for each indicator the application shows its description, the source of the information, and finally, the values of the indicator for each year. The information is presented in Business Intelligence format, showing in green if the city hall has met the target, and in red if not.

This methodology, developed in collaboration with the City Protocol Society (CPS) and provided by Bismart City Dashboard, aims to help local governments to design better policies in order to improve the lives of their citizens and the business environment.

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