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About Bill Dashboard

Bill Dashboard is the most efficient and powerful way to manage all your bills and payments. It allows you to track all your bills, credit card payments, mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance premiums, rent etc. No more hassle and late fees. Know when your bills are due even without opening the application.

Clean and simple dashboard provides you the current status of your bills and payments. Quickly see the current status of your bills by looking at the color of the bill. Select a bill to see all payments details of the bill.

History and summary shows where your money is going and help you to decide where it needs to go in the future. Create your own categories and monitor your spending.

Backup your data and restore to another computer with few simple steps.

• Bill dashboard will help you to create and manage all your bills. Never miss a payment date and avoid late fees/penalties.
• Reminds you when it’s time to pay your bills. You can instantly see status of your bills on dashboard.
• Make payments and track payment details. Enter payment reference and memos for each payment so you can easily refer to them later.
• All bills are color coded to help you to quickly see the current status of your bills at a glance.
• Help you to create and manage all irregular bills and payments. These are the bills and payment that don’t have a due date or frequency.
• Use irregular bills and payments to record and analyze all your other expenses. For example you can create irregular bills to track all your dining out expenses, cash payments, groceries etc. Track your expenses by creating categories for dining out expenses, cash payments, groceries etc. The possibilities are limitless.
• Analyze your expenses. View your payment history and check where you have spent your money.
• Create your own bill categories and track them individually. You can change categories for bills even after you record payments against them.
• There are no limit to number of categories you can create. You can also change a pre define category to your own category any time even after payments are made against bills.
• Backup your data files and even restore to other devices that you own with quick few steps.
• See your next five upcoming bills on live tiles without opening your application.

Key features

  • Dashboard.
  • Payment history.
  • Expense by category.
  • Live tile.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Next due date calculation.
  • Regular and irregular bills.
  • Custom categories.