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About Blue2 Reader

Blue2 Reader - the app that lets you unleash the capabilities of Emerson Cooper-Atkins Blue2 family of devices!

Wirelessly capture temperature readings from any type K thermocouple probe - right from your mobile device!

*Requires a bluetooth-capable device from Emerson Cooper-Atkins (Blue2, Blue2-D, Blue2-DIR, Multi-Function Thermometer) and a type K thermocouple probe (purchased separately).

  • Connects with Emerson Cooper-Atkins line of Blue2 and MFT instruments using Bluetooth Low Energy for fast, robust connections.
  • Continuously displays accurate temperature readings that can be updated: every 1 to 5 seconds for Blue2, and every 1 to 60 seconds for Blue2-D and Blue2-DIR.
  • Quickly toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the Blue2 instrument; this can be done directly from the Blue2-D, Blue2-DIR, and MFT instruments.
  • Capture temperature readings with the touch of a button - from the Blue2 instruments or the mobile device.
  • Conserve battery life with user-selectable auto shut off (after 1 to 30 minutes of inactivity on the Blue2 and after 1-60 minutes on the Blue2-D, Blue2-DIR, and MFT).
  • Displays the charge level of the Blue2 instruments - no guesswork!

Blue2 Reader is intended to demonstrate the capabilities of Emerson Cooper-Atkins Blue2 devices for the purpose of evaluating the hardware. Additionally, the new Blue2 Reader app can be used by app developers to explore the GATT database on the Blue2 family of devices and can also be used to update the firmware on the Blue2-D, Blue2-DIR, and MFT.

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