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Based on your honest input values of course.
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About Bmiuz

Welcome to Bmiuz!

A tool that helps you keep track of your true body mass index values.

A tool for helping you keep your BMI within reasonable limits during ones entire lifespan.

A modern lifestyle is all about gaining and being in control of ones BMI values toward values that works the best for you and your body. All in accordance with one’s accurate and honest input of height and weight measurements of course.

Bmiuz has adjusted its BMI Calculation, following a “New Formula”, presented by Professor Nick Trefethen, Head of Oxford’s Numerical Analysis Group.

His “New Formula” takes into account that the “Original Formula”, left millions of short people to think they are thinner than they are, and millions of tall people to think they are fatter.

Therefore, everyone are now, using Bmiuz, closer to a more accurate BMI value than ever before. So until science again breaches any clear new finding on this area of expertise.

One can be assured that Bmiuz will keep on using the latest and correct formula for calculating ones BMI, our priority one to you for bringing you a true health reference.

With these words, Bmiuz hopes to continue in being your tool in keeping an accurate BMI measurement close at hand, for all your future needs.

Key features

  • New Formula bye Professor Trefethen, Head of Oxford’s Numerical Analysis Group
  • Can include 2 decimals from your input.