Brainloop Secure Client

Brainloop Secure Client

Brainloop Secure Client
Brainloop Secure Client
Brainloop Secure Client

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About Brainloop Secure Client

Brainloop Secure Client allows you to access your Brainloop Datarooms directly from your tablet or mobile phone to read documents and document collections in online and offline mode.

Key features

  • Download documents from your Dataroom and synchronise
  • Information on Dataroom synchronization at a glance
  • Read any document version online or offline
  • Direct access to your important documents, including a dedicated Boardbook view for easy access to your document collections
  • Key options such as Votes, Events, Dataroom navigation, and Settings at your fingertips
  • Add documents to your Favorites tab to quickly access them again
  • Preferences are remembered for your start screen, your document view, as well as the configuration of your commenting tools, comments save automatically
  • Next and Previous page buttons and a convenient page slider let you flip through documents smoothly
  • Comment on Brainmark documents directly on your device and synchronize your comments with the Dataroom server
  • Convenient commenting functionalities such as marker properties offer customizable opacity, thickness, and color selection
  • Rely on security features from Brainloop Secure Dataroom such as customizable security policies for the Secure Client app, as well as Brainmark styles for documents, folders or groups