Brew Finder

Brew Finder

Brewery and beer information, from big to small breweries.
Find great local breweries.
Search by map, brewery, or beer name.

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About Brew Finder

Brew Finder is the perfect way to find local beer breweries, explore and learn about their beers, find a brewery’s social network sites, and more! Search by location, beer name, or brewery, and discover great new beers. Learn about their styles, characteristics, and other details in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Please note: while many breweries have their own pubs/restaurants you may discover in this app, this app won’t display local pubs that don’t have their own brewery. There are plenty of apps that excel at this, and within Brew Finder, we’ll display the current Yelp reviews if the establishment is listed in Yelp.

Key features

  • Discover great breweries!
  • Learn about various beers and styles, and discover new beers you might enjoy.