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About Budget Assistant

Free application for monitoring and managing the family budget. UWP platform allows you to install on handsets, personal computers and other computers running Windows 10. The application is optimized for easy entry of income and expenses that are introduced by category and are monitored on a monthly and an annual basis. It is designed as a powerful analysis in the form of graphs and reports with the possibility of exports and print reports. The purpose of the application is to manage family expenses relative to revenues. Strong analysis allow recognize critical expenditure budget.
• Optimized intake, categorization and editing costs / revenues.
• Convenient filtering entries.
• Pre-set the recurring monthly costs / revenues to an arbitrary date.
• Any editing of categories and subcategories budget.
• Set annual reports or monthly reports.
• Report on the state budget with the five highest income or expenses.
• Graphic report the trend balances the budget by month.
• Report to review the categories of the budget.
• ABC analysis of the costs and revenue, which allows a quick overview of critical costs or revenues. The report quickly distinguish between critical and less important expenditure or revenues.
• All reports can be printed.
• Revenues / costs can be exported for the period selected and further analyzed by programs such as MS Excel and the others.
• To export the data (CSV) reports, you can set column separator and decimal separator.
• The database can export, import, or send by mail. In this way, we enable storage of copies of the database (Back Up), sharing databases with other members or use multiple devices. You can save on your computer or in the cloud services like OneDrive.
• Determine can display information on live tiles in the home menu.
As you can see the program includes all the necessary functionality for managing the budget, all you need to do is to use it regularly and entering. Because the program is optimized for easy entry, work will not be too difficult. With further analysis, which enables the program, find the maximum possible savings and keep them under control.


Key features

  • Add, Edit, delete, print Incomes & Expenses, Reports, Analysis...