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About Budget Balance

Budget Balance is a simple app that gives you a great overview of your budget. By adding your income and your expenses you can see how much you need to transfer to your budget account each month. Once everything is setup you can get a complete overview of all your expenses month by month.

If you are having trouble getting an overview of your economy this is definetly the app for you. Budget Balance assumes you have a budget account from which you only pay your monthly expenses. The point is that with the transfer you do each month you don’t have to worry about the expenses. The monthly transfer should cover your expenses throughout the year.

Budget Balance will give you tips about your budget if there are any issues. For instance if your monthly transfer is to low or when you hit a month with more expenses than average. It also reminds your to check the balance on your budget account each month.

Key features

  • Create a simple budget
  • Manage your expenses
  • Get a complete overview of your economy
  • Detailed infomation month by month
  • Tips and help for your budget
  • Calculate the cost of a loan